Finnish version of British Universal Credit

How would it sound if you could handle all your social benefits at one counter with a help of a personal job guide if you are unemployed, work part-time or plan on starting up your own business? You could solve the job market block together and would not be left in bureaucratic maze.

Christian Democrat published their own social security model (modeled after Universal Credit in Britain) in 2015. One general benefit at one counter with personal assistance. Instead of tampering within myriad of benefits, a person capable to work and within proper age range, can apply for a general benefit that consists of multiple elements. Supportive social security package is simple, personal and encourages to work.

The benefit is available for an unemployed, some with a part-time job as well as an entrepreneur. The goal is boost capability to work and return the person to the job market with a help of a personal job guide. The general benefit system together with the job counselor's advice and support can also facilitate starting up an enterprise to a great extent.

My own experiences on unemployment and running a business twenty years ago were discouraging to say the least. Especially shocking was the case when I tried to take night classes at technical school and fell between any social benefits. None whatsoever. For some government entity I was a student, to the other one I was not. I could not get student study grant. No unemployment compensation, nor social support either. I could not find a job then, so the only thing I could do was to end my studies.


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