Let Pirjo fix it -
2019 Finnish Parliamentary election

We will post various texts and thoughts related to 2019 Finnish Parliamentary election on this page. Abbreviation KD in the text means Kristillisdemokraatit = Christian Democrats (political party).

Who is Pirjo Merihonka?

In short: Pirjo Merihonka, 51, married, live in the beautiful scenery of Jämsänkoski and work in Keuruu as a tourism secretary. I am a mother for two sons. One of them has already left the home nest for studies and the other one, our "evening star", just started school a couple of years ago. My husband, 47, works remotely at home. Pet extension of our family is taken care of by our neighbor's two sweet dogs that often receive scratches and treats from us.

Over the years, I have accumulated experience in business and organization operations within finance/marketing as well in everyday life staying at home with a small child. During my spare time I have been active in local chapter of Christian Democrats for about twenty years now and helped out people with Christian values to obtain positions where they can have an influence on society.

My heart is sympathetic to those who need to fight for survival in various life situations. I have witnessed what it is to be a single parent, unemployed, to go through dead-ends such debt arrangement or burn out. I want to put my effort in building a society where no one is left in shame and dark or amidst crisis.

Social benefits must be extensive enough and available to all unemployed, students and families in need. Care for the elderly citizens must be secured through sufficient amount of caregivers, determined by needs of each elderly person. Starting up an enterprise/own business must be easier and the paperwork for running the business need to be as smooth as possible. We need to take environment into consideration in every aspect and without hastily made market-driven decisions on production, transfer and saving of energy.

My hobbies include singing, playing drums, knitting, handicrafts, gardening and nordic walking.

Some campaign information

Pirjo Merihonka
Christian Democrat
Candidate at 2019 Finnish Parliamentary Election
Electoral area: Central Finland
Home town: Jämsä
Email: pirjo.merihonka@kd.fi
Facebook: Pirjo Merihonka Eduskuntaan 2019
Campaign phone # (in Finland): 040-8591801

Various election related texts and material by Pirjo

Other texts

2015 Eduskuntavaalit (in Finnish)-section has many texts by Jani on various topics. In many cases Pirjo shares the same ideas so reading those texts will open our views on world. Especially NATO is topic that keeps popping again and again. Please take a look at least on these:

Tolerance/Human rights
Nature and animals
Why Christian Democrats?

Election campaign tour dates

Relevant information on Pirjo's campaign tour dates will be posted here Campaign tour dates (in Finnish).

Recent events

Upcoming translations

13.4.2019 KD Keski-Suomi Tour on pedestrian street in Jyväskylä
12.4.2019 Jani at K-Market Jämsänkoski
11.4.2019 KD Keski-Suomi Tour in Uurainen
10.4.2019 Various urban centers of Jämsä city
9.4.2019 Pancake tent in Muurame

6.4.2019 Coffee & bun at Jämsä Market Square

28.3-2.4.2019 The Merihonkas in Fuengirolassa
29.3.2019 All-party event at Jämsä S-Market (Seppola)

27.3.2019 Eläkeliitto Election panel in Jämsä
27.3.2019 KD Central Finland Tour in Jämsä and Kuhmoinen
26.3.2019 KD Central Finland Tour in Korpilahti, Säynätsalo and Kuokkala
25.3.2019 KD Central Finland Tour in Karstula, Kyyjärvi, Kannonkoski ja Saarijärvi
24.3 Election event at Rukouksen Talo, Jämsä
23.3.2019 Sausage grill at Jämsä Market Square

22.3.2019 KD Central Finland Tour in Haapamäki, Keuruu, Multia and Petäjävesi

March 20, 2019 KD Central Finland tour in Joutsa, Tammijärvi, Luhanka, Leivonmäki and Toivakka

The tour began on a sunny morning at Joutsa's market café, where the candidates presented themselves in the middle of the aroma of coffee and sugared doughnuts. After the introduction, there was a long discussion about immigration. After that, we went to Café Auringonkukka in the yard of Tammijärvi, where the schedule began to stretch with lively conversation. Next we went to Luhanka. Although the cold wind blew from Päijänne, the people stayed with us for a good while. After that we moved over to Leivonmäki Teboil and from there to K-Market Perälä yard in Toivakka to enjoy the oatmeal cooked by the local KD people. The oatmeal gained praise also by representatives of the other party present there.

Candidates present at Joutsa-Tammijärvi-Luhanka-Leivonmäki:: Roosa-Maria Kauppinen, Aira Korhonen, Tomi Kuosmanen, Pirjo Merihonka and Marika Visakorpi. Candidates present in Toivakka: Tomi Kuosmanen, Pirjo Merihonka and Marika Visakorpi.

Joutsa market cafe

Pirjo Merihonka and Riitta Kotilainen

At Leivonmäki Teboil

Oatmeal tent in Toivakka

Jani's best moment of the day

March 19, 2019 Election panel at Sammallahti School, Jämsä

Pirjo participated in election panel organized by Maamiesseura in Eastern Jämsä. Various issues related to Jämsä were discussed and the candidates' actions in Parliament for Jämsä. In the image from left to right: Unto Myllymäki, chairman of the election panel. Candidates Tuula Peltonen (SDP), Piritta Rantanen (SDP), Aino-Kaisa Vierinen (Greens), Seija El-Sayed (Business Now), Pirjo Merihonka (Christian Democrats), Tarja Uusipaasto (Center) and Lotta Ahola (Coalition Party).

March 19, 2019 KD Central Finland Tour in Pihtipudas, Kinnula and Kivijärvi

First we raised up the tent in Pihtipudas. Then me moved on to Kinnula market place and finally to Kivijärvi. No one seemed to be on the move when the tent was being set up but once it was up, people suddenly emerged for a pancake and talk. Cheery laughter filled the air and also the Christian Democrat values were commended. Great day on tour :)

In Pihtipudas, candidates present were: Roosa-Maria Kauppinen, Aira Korhonen, Arvo Kristiansson, Tomi Kuosmanen, Hannu Suni and Marika Visakorpi. And Jani with the Pirjo's candidate vest with photo.
In Kinnula and Kivijärvi, candidates present were Tomi Kuosmanen, Hannu Suni and Marika Visakorpi. And Jani with the Pirjo's candidate vest with photo.

In Pihtipudas. Pancake tent ready. Tomi putting his candidate vest on.

In Kinnula. First ones waiting for the pan to heat up.

In Kivijärvi. First ones enjoying pancakes.

March 18, 2019 KD Central Finland Tour in Vaajakoski and Jyväskylä

Jani and other KD people went to hand out electoral material and talk with people so that he forgot to take a joint photo of the candidates in front of the tent. Rye grass bags ran out. Pirjo's election teamm delivered more of those and matchboxes.

Candidates present: Marika Visakorpi, Aira Korhonen and Tomi Kuosmanen.

March 16, 2019 KD Central Finland event at Seppä Shopping Mall, Jyväskylä

There was a great spirit at Seppä Shopping Mall - KD Chairman Sari Essayah gave two speeches, Rami Sipilä interviewed some candidates. A lot of people visited the stand, picked up many bags with ryegrass and sunflower seeds. We ran out of Pirjo's election match boxes. Gotta increase production of those :)

More images here: https://www.facebook.com/PirjoMerihonka2019/
The following candidates were there: Tapio Puolimatka, Arvo Kristiansson, Roosa-Maria Kauppinen, Hanna-Riikka Alasippola, Christa Dachauer, Tomi Kuosmanen, Aira Korhonen, Marika Visakorpi, Pirjo Merihonka and Risto Ojala.

Pirjo Merihonka and Kyösti Rahkonen

Sari Essayah - chairperson of the Christian Democrats - giving a speech​

March 16, 2019 Vaajakoski Winter Hum

During little over one hour that we spent at the Vaajakoski Winter Hum, Pirjo had time to talk with many citizens. Sari Essayah, chairperson of the Finnish Christian Democrats, stopped by the event.

More images here: https://www.facebook.com/PirjoMerihonka2019/

Pirjo Merihonka and Sari Essayah


March 16, 2019 Pancake tent in Muurame

Tent of the Christian Democrats of Central Finland was busy serving pancakes and coffee to many and surprisingly many stayed for a long time with Pirjo and other candidates. Wonderful moments with electorate and fun among the candidates :)

Candidates on the spot: Tapio Puolimatka, Arvo Kristiansson, Hanna-Riikka Alasippola, Roosa-Maria Kauppinen, Marika Visakorpi, Aira Korhonen, Pirjo Merihonka, Tomi Kuosmanen and Risto Ojala (missing in the picture).

More images here: https://www.facebook.com/PirjoMerihonka2019/

March 15, 2019 Pancake tent at the K-Supermarket Järvituuli in Keuruu

A steady stream of pancakes and nice talks on and off the spot made the pancake event pleasant. Following candidates were present at the event: Tomi Kuosmanen and Riitta Ryynänen. Jani handed out Pirjo's election material so much that Pirjo's election matchboxes ran out.

Jan-Henrik Merihonka, Riitta Ryynänen and Tomi Kuosmanen

March 9, 2019 - Yhdessä enemmän (Together more) -event in Saarijärvi

Christian Democrats of Central Finland participated in Yhdessä Enemmän (Together more) - event in Saarijärvi today. Lots of people stopped by the tent and there was great fuss for hours. Although it was freezing cold and raw breeze, we had many great talks with people. A top-notch pancake team Elisa & Tomi warmed up the minds of many. Thanks for everyone who put their effort in making the event :)

Here is a videoclip with some candidates

Here below some photos with candidates: Arvo Kristiansson, Tomi Kuosmanen, Pirjo Merihonka and Aira Korhonen.

Candidates Aira Korhonen, Arvo Kristiansson, Tomi Kuosmanen and Pirjo Merihonka.

March 2 2019 - Kuhmola Manor election panel in Kuhmoinen

Pirjo participated today also the Kuhmola Manor election panel in Kuhmoinen. The event was quite special in a way that all questions were presented by the audience or even by a candidate. It was nice to hear Pirjo talking about various topics :) Another KD candidate - Risto Ojala from Kuhmoinen - took part in the panel talk. Also these fellow residents of Jämsä participated the panel: Seija El-Sayed/Liike Nyt, Tarja Uusipaasto/Center Party and Lotta Ahola/Coalition Party.

March 2, 2019 - Official start of Pirjo's election campaign

Today marked the official start of Pirjo's election campaign at Jämsä Square. Coffee was so much in demand that we twice had to go out for more coffee. Fortunately our diligent ladies had baked great donuts and buns enough to last for the whole event. Many pouches of raigrass and sunflower seeds were given away and the election matchboxes ran out. This was also the introduction of the new tent that the local chapter purchased :) Nice morning! Thanks to everyone who was involved.

Pirjo's introduction in local newspaper Jämsän Seutu

Jämsän Seutu started on March 1, 2019 a series that will introduce local Parliamentary election candidates. Pirjo got to be the first one. Pirjo Merihonka (kd): "Jämsäläinen ääni kuuluu jämsäläisen suusta" (adapter translation: Matters concerning Jämsä is best brought up by a local resident)

Photographer: Pauliina Karjalainen/Jämsän Seutu

February 16, 2019 - Boostia Jämsän Keskustaan -event at Jämsä Forum shopping center

Jani and Kyösti were promoting Pirjo and Christian Democrats at Boostia Jämsän Keskustaan (Boost for Jämsä town) -event. Our candidate was at home fighting back flu so me and Kyösti were holding flags high. New beach flags and exhibition stand were in use for the first time. Christian Democrat and Center Party were the only ones represented at the event.

A quite bunch of people showed up and we had many great talks with folks. Even a couple of parlamentarians appeared as the Representative at Finnish Parliament Aila Paloniemi (Center Party) visited the adjacent tent and a bit later Simon Elo from the Sininen Tulevaisuus (Blue Future) dropped by with his election team.

Nice day :) I wish that there'll more events like this to cheer up the town of Jämsä.

The campaign master's recommendation for this election :) Slogan "Pistä Pirjo asialle" translates roughly as "Let Pirjo fix it". Ostrobothnians try to make things alright, but the outcome tends to be on the prime side. Pirjo is a native of northern Ostrobothnia.

Kyösti talks with Parliament representative Aila Paloniemi (Center Party).

I've got a deal for you :)

Week 7 2019

Dear sisters and brothers of the campaign team work hard to prepare seed bags that are to handed out at market squares and streets. A wholehearted Thank You. I can only stand in awe seeing you people active year after year. You are an example for us younger ones :)

Week 6 February 2019

Pirjo's election campaign commenced today (Saturday) at Jämsä Market Square. Jani was out there in raining sleet, giving away bags of sunflower seeds and talking with people. Pirjo stayed at home to fight back an impending flu.

Week 5, January/February 2019

This week we have honed the printed material of the tent for use by the local chapter of Christian Democrats. Now the material has been submitted to the printhouse and in a couple of weeks we can start using the tent. I have made some purchases for Pirjo's election tour as well as updated the her touring calendar.

This morning I visited the local market place and was surprised not to see a single election tent there. The election seems to run at low gear for the time being. Official start election campaign for Christian Democrats in Central Finland is set at February 16, 2019 in commercial center Seppä in Jyväskylä.

Week 4, January 2019

This week I have changed the white birdy background our website to match with the orange/blue color scheme of the Christian Democrat Party, rearranged site content and worked to to create Pirjo's own section on our web site.

Christian Democrats in Jämsä are in process of purchasing a pop-up tent for various outdoor events. We have been reviewing and honing the graphics that will be printed on the tent and other materials.

December 2018 - January 2019

Pirjo's support team has convened a couple of times to plan for the election campaign, schedule and materials.